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VoicePicker simplifies the use of the speech synthesizer, in particular when reading texts in different languages that require frequent changes of voice.
It is no longer necessary to modify the system preferences:
To read a text, just select it and drop it in the window of VoicePicker on the voice you want.
Or copy the text to read to the clipboard, and then click on the voice you want.

New in version 1.4.0

See version history

How it works

VoicePicker in two videos

These videos were made with earlier versions of VoicePicker

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System requirements

The voices installed by default by macOS are numerous and cover a large number of languages.
However, it is possible to download more voices and to pugrade them to inhance quality.
Downloading a system voice is easy (see VoicePicker Help) and free, but may take some time because a voice is a rather heavy file.


Display VoicePicker Help (included in the application).

Other application

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